Saturday, February 13, 2010

PLAY in The DIRT.....

Plants and Flowers-
Pretty to look at...... plus they clean the air ( good for YOU).

My RELAXATION tip for today:

Get some pretty plants/ flowers from the nursery and start getting your hands dirty!

If it's cold outside- get yourself some potting soil,newspaper, pots and great plants- start your SPRING garden inside.

It will lift your spirits, and you will have something beautiful to look at when you are finished !

If you are lucky and live somewhere warm- go putter in the yard for a bit. It is a great stress reliever !

We can't make SPRING come any faster- but playing in some dirt will be fun in the meantime :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vacation..... in Your Mind!


Sometimes it's the only time we ever really RELAX

Today I think we should all pretend to be on vacation!

Rent movies, buy lots of magazines, play games :)
Forget about cleaning the HOUSE and indulge in a little something fun !!

Maybe you will actually feel refreshed- just from doing something

un- inportant  :)   Try it !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Bubble Bath Goes a LONG Way!

Bubble Bath

Aroma therapy works wonders! A little sudsy warm water, yummy smells- and you can just feel the day's worries slip away :)
It doesn't have to take long- and preferably take a bubble bath somewhat close to your bedtime. It is one of life's little LUXURIES, and it's almost FREE!
Remember taking care of you helps you take of others :) So, grab your towel and robe- Lather up and BREATHE in the relaxation.........The Twenty Minute Gift

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Power of a Mini-NAP

Mini Naps - A fantastic way to refresh and REVIVE your tired eyes :)

You know, when your waiting for the kids to come out of  SCHOOL- Close your eyes for short intervals ( hint count to 10, and do it again)  envision yourself somewhere tropical and   AWAY !!                      
                                     OPPORTUNITY #2)
                                    The doctor is keeping you waiting again :(
don't be mad-  close your eyes,  for a few seconds and enjoy the time instead of  FRETTING !

See- SUPER easy !! You can have a NAP  ........ YAY for MINI-NAPS

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Take Time for You !

Another busy season is upon us!

Kids, work, sports, family........ you know the drill.

It can be overwhelming!

Sometimes just going to your room and taking deep calming breaths can help you get through.

Some of us have to start very small when we try to take care of ourselves. There is no guilt in putting yourself first for a few minutes out of each day.

Today's Relaxation Tip:

Close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by blue. Experts say even looking at the color blue can be an instant mood tamer. Go outside and look up- enjoy the sky :)